Never Miss A Call.

When first impressions matter, try Donna.

Donna Digital is a live call answering service that helps you convert more leads, take back your time, and never miss another business call.

Missed Calls Are Losing You Business

If you’re like the typical business, then you miss a few calls from time to time – studies show that it’s actually to the tune of around 14 missed calls per week. 

If just one of those missed calls were to convert into a client each week, that could mean thousands or millions in lifetime revenue you are missing out on each year by not answering every phone call.

conversion rate
Convert More Leads

The math is simple: more answered calls means more leads in the door. On average, we pay for ourselves in the first month.

Less Time on Calls, More Time for Life

You didn't get into business to answer the phone. Let us handle that part, so you can get back to your business.

SEC & FINRA Compliant

The only service to regularly update our privacy policies according to SEC and FINRA guidelines.

Known Callers Greeted Personally

It feels good to be recognized. We ensure that your most valuable clients always feel welcomed back.

Transcribed Voicemails

All voicemails left after hours will be transcribed and emailed for you to review on your own time.

Premium Support & Dedicated Team

Premium support is included in all plans to ensure that you know we have your back at all times.

virtual receptionist handling phone calls for financial business

Unnecessary Calls Are Wasting Your Time

How much time is lost each day due to all the little things that come up and throw your schedule out of whack?

While a virtual receptionist service won’t be able to stop your coworkers popping in to chat, they will be able to manage the phones so that you are better able to keep your schedule on track.

Don’t waste any more time on screening phone calls that don’t turn into clients.

Better Reviews Mean More Business

Consumers have made it clear that small things like knowing their call history or recognition that they are repeat customers make a difference.

Small delights like this make for happier customers, and happy customers leave better reviews!

Leave the first impressions to our rockstar receptionist team while you get back to growing your business and doing what you love.

Working With Donna is Simple

Tell Us About Your Business

Fill out a simple form where we will ask you a few questions about your business and you can let us know about common questions that you are asked. We can also customize greetings for time of day or repeat callers.

Forward Your Phone Number

We will assign you a unique phone number that you can have your phone provider forward your inbound calls to. We will begin receiving your calls right away and provide immediate call summary notes for your review.

Never Miss Another Lead

Get back to doing the parts of your job that you love and never worry about answering the phone again. Our agents will represent you in a professional and courteous manner every time.

Industries We 💜


Accounting & Tax

Real Estate




Local Services

And Many More!

Save Money While Growing Your Team

Our virtual receptionist service saves you money: full-time support for less than one-fifth of the cost of an in-house receptionist.

Plus, you have nothing to install, no computer systems to set up, and no hardware to buy.

Your brand is one of the most important assets that you have in business. Knowing that your calls are being handled consistently and reliably is worth it’s weight in gold.

Choose The Right
Plan For Your Business

All plans are one flat monthly price – no hidden per-minute charges or overages that inflate your costs at the end of the month. Need more than 1,500 minutes of talk time? Contact us about a custom plan!

Included in all plans:

  • Custom greeting
  • Known callers greeted personally
  • Basic & custom FAQs
  • Online Appointment scheduling
  • Custom and time-of-day greetings
  • Custom after-hours routing
  • Local area phone number
  • Access call, message, and voicemail details anytime
  • Update handling preferences anytime
  • Outbound calls made by Donna on your behalf
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Voicemail box
  • Email and Text updates


Best for businesses that have a higher volume of calls or longer time per call
$ 699 / per month
  • 700 minutes talk time
  • Set up fee waived
  • Priority support
  • Priority outgoing calls
  • Transcribed voicemails
  • No per-minute charges


Best for the majority of businesses that have an average call volume or shorter call durations
$ 599 / per month
  • 500 minutes of talk time
  • Set up fee waived
  • Priority support
  • No per-minute charges


Best for solopreneurs or small firms with a low call volume
$ 299
  • 200 minutes of talk time
  • One-time $50 Set up fee
  • No per-minute charges

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, that means your business is booming! Your dedicated account manager will reach out and let you know that you exceeded your plan allotment that month. If it was just a one-time occurrence, nothing will change. If you think this is a long-term change, or if you have exceeded your allotment in the past, we will ask you to upgrade your plan for the future.

Absolutely. We believe in taking care of our clients, and if you’re not happy with us then you should be allowed to cancel your plan any time.

No problem at all! We hope that, with our help, you get to take lots of vacations in the future! Just drop your Account Manager an email with the dates that you will be unavailable and we will hold all calls until you return (or redirect them as you instruct). While you are away, we will make sure to keep detailed notes and forward those to your email for review when you’re back in the office.

We are fully staffed from 5am – 5pm Pacific Time (8am – 8pm Eastern), Monday through Friday, year round – with limited coverage available for some Federal holidays on request. If you require extended availability, please drop us a line at

Donna Digital Receptionists are different in three primary ways:

1) We are the only virtual receptionist service on the market that trains our rockstar receptionist team on the basics of each and every industry that we service so that they can be as helpful as possible for your callers. We have even adopted the SEC and FINRA’s guidance on client and data privacy.

2) We are the only call answering service (that we know of!) that use a subscription pricing model. All other services charge a flat monthly fee plus a per-minute cost and overage fees. This results in actual costs often being 2-3x the sticker price or more. With Donna you can rest assured that your monthly cost will always be the same from one month to the next.

3) Donna provides a premium answering service for clients who care about how their phones are answered. Many services compete on being the lowest cost which leads to a lower-quality receptionist team with high churn. We take care of our staff and provide generous benefits to ensure that we can retain the highest quality team members.

Absolutely. Just let us know who to call, the pertinent details, and the goal of the call and we can take it from there. Plus plans also include priority outbound calls which will be handled first in our call queue.

Easy! Just email your Account Manager and let them know what you would like to update. All changes will be made same-day.

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