8 Awesome Benefits for a Remote Team

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In-office teams had it easy for being able to provide cool company benefits. Everyone was in one place, impromptu trips out for lunch or happy hour were simple, and employers could easily buy snacks and drinks for the office and call it a benefit.

With remote work becoming more and more prevalent in the long term, and the workplace becoming more global, being able to buy a case of sparkling water for the office as a ‘benefit’ just doesn’t cut it any more. 

Employers with remote teams have to get more creative about the benefits they offer, and they have to embrace new kinds of benefits that will really mean something to their employees if they hope to stand out.

Donna Digital Receptionists are proud to have been built as a remote company from day one and like to think that we know a thing or two about creating a great benefits package for remote teams. So we’ve put together this list of some of our own favorite benefits, many of which we offer ourselves! (To learn more about the benefits we offer our team, check out our Jobs page)

Meditation Subscription

The world has become such a crazy place in recent years, we all could use a few minutes to look after our mental health. Personally, I have been meditating for more than four years, on and off, and have found it to be one of the biggest investments that I could have made for myself. The benefits of meditation are undisputed and a subscription is quite inexpensive per person. My personal favorite app to use for a few minutes of meditation is Calm.com.

Book Stipend

Employers have, for years, offered training and conferences for their employees to level up their skills and knowledge. Overlooked by many, however, is how powerful a simple stipend for employees to purchase books can be for the wellbeing and education of your team. While some employers limit their team to only being allowed to purchase non-fiction books for their educational benefits, the Harvard Business Review also makes the case for reading fiction, citing the remarkable powers to develop empathy, creativity, and critical thinking – all traits that I’d personally love to have in my team.

Plant Subscription

Did you know that having plants in the office not only helps elevate the mood of your team but can also reduce absenteeism and increase overall productivity? While the science behind claims of cleaner air is questionable, the stats showing that your team will be happier and healthier aren’t. If you want to get started offering plant subscriptions as a cool company benefit, check out this article by CrateJoy for a list of affordable options that you can get started with.

Pet Insurance

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last 20 years knows that pets have become an important part of the family and are now treated with the same care that we would afford a human in many households. So when a pet is sick or injured, it has the same toll on their family as a sick relative would. Some companies have decided to step up and offer pet insurance for all employees, so that should their little furry friends ever need medical care, they will have the peace of mind of knowing that they will be taken care of without a huge medical bill. Check out Lemonade for some great policies that your team will love.

Home Workout Classes

Making time to get up and move has always been important, but for a first time remote team it may come as a surprise how much movement they used to get just walking around the office each day. Working from home certainly has its perks, but all too often remembering to get up and move around gets left by the wayside. Some creative and health-conscious employers have started offering home workout classes for employees to make sure they are taking care of their bodies and minds while working from home. If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at the classes offered by Wellbeats or Glo.

Food Delivery Boxes

I have to admit, this one is a benefit that Wall Street discovered years ago. Albeit, their version was offering a Seamless stipend to employees so that they could work longer hours at the office. The modern version of this benefit might include shipping healthy snacks or pre-made meals to your team’s homes so that they can relax knowing that dinner has already been taken care of.

Parental Leave

Let’s be honest: this is an area that most employers in the US lag behind our EU counterparts on. While having 6-12 months of paid parental leave in the EU is the norm, in the US workers are lucky if they get 3-6 months as the person giving birth and a few weeks if they are the other partner. Frankly, this is wrong. Regardless of who gives birth, both parents will have a responsibility to take care of their new family and shouldn’t be put in a position of fulfilling their parental duties or losing their source of income. Donna is proud to take a stand here and offer a full 6 months of parental leave to both parents – no questions asked.

Home Office Upgrade

Employers invest in ergonomic office equipment when an employee is in the office, so why wouldn’t we help our employees have a comfortable home office space as well? Often, many employees will only need a screen riser and keyboard for laptops, or perhaps for the more generous, a full standing desk.

GroWrk is a fantastic solution to help remote workers get anything from pre-selected bundles to individual items such as sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs, monitors, etc., and just pay a small monthly fee. At the end of the subscription, they can choose to keep the equipment or return it for a brand new one. They even have special programs for employers/individuals vs large enterprises who want to manage all of their remote team’s equipment from afar.

And there you have it! 8 of our favorite benefits for remote teams that won’t break the bank and will help you stand out as a great place to work.

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