9 Best Company Voicemail Greeting Examples

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Ring ring, ring ring … *click* You have reached Acme Corp, 123-456-7890, please leave a message after the tone. *beep*

Let’s be honest: Are you really going to leave a voicemail? Nearly 80% of callers say a definitive ‘no’ when asked if they would leave a message vs hanging up.

Now let’s try that again:

Ring ring, ring ring … *click* Hi there! You have reached Jane Smith, Attorney at Law. I’m currently assisting a client and unable to come to the phone. If this is an emergency, please hang up and dial 123-456-7890, otherwise stay on the line and leave a message. I will return your call within one business day or sooner. Thank you for calling!

How about now? Do you think you’d be more likely to leave a message now? Obviously.

There’s no doubt that a caller’s first impression of your business is possibly the most important interaction that you will ever have with them. So why do so many businesses screw it up?

Well, the answer is that most people just don’t know how to record an effective voicemail greeting, or never changed it from the default that the phone company gave you.

So let’s walk through some great company voicemail greeting examples that you can use in your business today:

Company Voicemail Greeting Examples

Best Voicemail for a Sales Role or Organization: “Hi, you’ve reached [your name] at [your company]. I’m unavailable right now — probably helping [type of company] get [X results, e.g. ‘double their leads in 60 days,’ ‘hire the best and brightest engineers,’ ‘convert 40% more customers.’] Leave your name and number, and we’ll discuss how your company can see similar results.”

Best Voicemail for Parental Leave: “Hello, you’ve reached [your name and title]. I’m currently out on [maternity/paternity] leave until [date] — It’s a girl! In the meantime, please direct all phone calls to [alternate contact name] at [phone number] and emails to [email address]. Thanks, and I’ll see you in [month you’ll be back in the office].”

Best Voicemail for Someone Who Has Left the Company: “Hello, [Person’s name] is chasing new adventures and is no longer with [Company name]. Please forward all future requests to [New or interim person’s name] at [phone number]. Thank you!”

Best Vacation Voicemail: “Hi, you’ve reached [your name]. I’m away from [date] to [date]. If you need help with [X] before then, please contact [name] at [phone number]. Everyone else, please leave your name and number and I’ll return your call when I return. Thanks and have a great day.”

Best Voicemail for Holidays: “Hello! Thanks for reaching out to [company]. We’re closed today for the holiday, and will reopen tomorrow, [date]. If you leave your name, number, and a brief message, we’ll give you a call when we’re back in the office. Thanks again, and have a great [day, week].”

Best Fun Voicemail Greeting: “Congratulations! You’ve reached the right person! It’s [your name]. Unfortunately, you’ve called at the wrong time. Please leave a message with all your contact information, and I’ll call you back within 24 hours.”

Alternate Best Fun Voicemail Greeting: “Hey, there! This is [your name]. Please leave me a message with your name, number, and the reason you’re calling. If you also tell me [insert random fact, favorite movie/vacation spot/etc] I’ll be sure to move you to the top of my call list. Have a great day!” – This one works because it catches the caller off guard and causes them to consider what they would tell you before answering, thus increasing their likelihood of actually leaving a message.

Best Anti-Voicemail Message: Rand Fishkin, the SEO wizard behind Moz, once did an interview on The SaaS Podcast, where he said: “My voice message, if you call my phone, it will say, ‘Don’t leave a message. Email me because I will never check these messages.’”

Best Celebrity Voicemail Message: Samuel L Jackson. Need we say more?

What to Include in a Company Voicemail Greeting

Regardless of what style you choose to go with, there are a few key components that any great company voicemail greeting should include:

  • Validation – Thank the caller for calling or apologize for missing their call. Either way, validate them for making the call at all.
  • Basic Information – Did they end up where they were expecting? How will they know? Include the pertinent information such as business name, recipient name, or other identifying information.
  • Business Hours – When are you open and when should they expect to hear from you?
  • Alternative Options – Is there another option that you might be more responsive to? Social? Email? Leave those details here.
  • Emergency Contact – If your business is prone to emergency calls, then leaving an emergency number here may be a good idea as well. 

And finally, don’t forget to:

  • Keep it Short – less than 30 seconds is ideal.
  • Don’t Rush it – Speak slow and clear so that the caller is able to get all the information.
  • Practice Before Recording – Give it a few run-throughs before you record the final version so that you sound friendly, confident, and clear.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget to make sure that your company voicemail greeting reflects your company values and brand. One of my personal favorite examples of a great company greeting was from Virgin Mobile back in the early 2000’s. On the back of every cell phone package, they printed a phone number that they claimed was the personal number for the company founder, Richard Branson. 

When called, this number went straight to a voicemail box with a recorded message from Branson about how great it was to have the caller as a customer and what they were excited about building at Virgin Mobile. There was even a little light rock music playing in the background. 

Now, obviously this was a marketing tactic and not a real voicemail, but the way they carried the rock ‘n roll spirit of Virgin and Branson himself through every element of the customer experience was enviable. You don’t have to be a juggernaut like Virgin to employ a similar level of brand experience to your own company voicemail – if your brand allows it, have a little fun, be a little playful.

At the end of the day, don’t forget that when a caller gets your voicemail, they are about to have their first interaction with your brand – make sure it’s a great one!

Having a great virtual receptionist is one of the best solutions to ensure that your calls are being answered professionally during business hours and even during some extended hours (or when you’re away from the office!). But if you don’t have a great virtual receptionist team, then you should definitely use these examples to craft your own great company voicemail greeting to ensure that you don’t miss any more leads due to hangups.

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