Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads, What’s the Difference?

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What’s the difference between Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads, and why should you pick one over the other?

The real difference lies in how they should be used, and which types of customers they are best for targeting.

Think of them like a carpenter’s tool kit – nails, screws, and glue all join things together, but you wouldn’t use glue to hold a house together in New Orleans.

Each ad network can drive amazing results, but for that to happen you need to know where your customer is looking for the solution to their problem and which network is best for your type of business.

Push vs Pull Marketing

At the core of it, this concept is the difference between Google and Facebook’s ad platforms.

Push marketing requires the advertiser to get in front of the user and tell them why they need your product; the user may or may not know they have a problem. This would be something like the ads that you see on tv- you didn’t ask for those ads, but they may or may not be relevant to your situation and if they are you might go seek out that product.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have pull marketing. This is where the customer already knows they have a problem and is actively looking for your product, you just figure out where they might be looking for your product and make sure that it is displayed prominently for them to find.

Facebook is USUALLY push marketing.

The customer may or may not know they have a problem, but through very clever targeting you can put your product right in front of the person most likely to purchase and get yourself in the front of their mind.

It is better for general brand awareness for many businesses but can be used quite effectively for direct sales. A good example is for lifestyle brands or tech companies who want to get more users or a bigger following before the next product launch.

Google Adwords is on the pull marketing end of the spectrum.

The customer KNOWS they have a problem and they are actively looking for a solution. An example of this might be a sports medicine physician, the potential patient was playing football and hurt their knee and now need an exam.

They aren’t going to go to Facebook to find their solution, they are going to go to Google to search for sports medicine physicians in their area. And with Google Adwords, you can make sure that your practice is right there front and center for them to find.

This difference is important to know when planning a comprehensive campaign. Both networks are important, they just have different uses.

Which one is right for you?

Well, that depends. Maybe both are right in different ways. Perhaps that same sports medicine doctor might run awareness ads just before the school sports season starts for preventive physical exams, then runs Google Adwords campaigns throughout the season for any potential injury patients.

Keep this in mind when planning your campaigns and you should have no problem with your results.

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