How to Script a Perfect Voicemail Greeting For Your Business

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For many potential customers and clients, hearing the voicemail greeting for your business may be their first interaction with your business. Will it be a good one?

We all know that first impressions are everything, so getting your business voicemail greeting right could be a make or break moment for your customer.

Trying to determine what makes a perfect voicemail greeting is a bit like Supreme Court Justice Stewart’s definition of pornography: “I shall not today attempt further to define … and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.

A great voicemail greeting for your business will leave the listener excited to work with you or help solve their problem right there in the message. There are a plethora of websites that try to tell you how to script the perfect greeting: that it should be such and such a length and contain such and such information. 

But here’s the real truth: what makes for a great company voicemail greeting isn’t found in a script.

It’s a matter of whether your company’s heart and brand show through.

If your brand is more fun and playful, then that should show through in your business voicemail greeting. Are you more straight-lace and buttoned up? Great. Make sure that the voicemail greeting for your business gives the listener that impression.

With that for a setup, here are a few of our best tips for what you should include in your business voicemail greeting to really stand out and make a great first impression with your callers:

What to Include in a Company Voicemail Greeting

Regardless of what style you choose to go with, there are a few key components that any great company voicemail greeting should include:

  • Validation – Thank the caller for calling or apologize for missing their call. Either way, validate them for making the call at all.
  • Basic Information – Did they end up where they were expecting? How will they know? Include the pertinent information such as business name, recipient name, or other identifying information.
  • Business Hours – When are you open and when should they expect to hear from you?
  • Alternative Options – Is there another option that you might be more responsive to? Social? Email? Can most information be found in an online FAQ? Leave those details here.
  • Emergency Contact – If your business is prone to emergency calls, then leaving an emergency number here may be a good idea as well. 
  • What Do You Need? – Do you need specific information to help the caller when you return their call? Ask it of them up front so you can be ahead of the game.

And finally, don’t forget to:

  • Keep it Short – Less than 30 seconds is ideal. (But don’t rush it! If you need more time, take it!)
  • Don’t Rush it – Speak slow and clear so that the caller is able to get all the information.
  • Practice Before Recording – Give it a few run-throughs before you record the final version so that you sound friendly, confident, and clear.
  • Up the Energy – Even for a more professional firm, upping your energy will come across in a positive way and help the listener feel more excited about working with you.

If you’re still drawing a blank on what your business voicemail greeting should sound like, we published an article to help get your creative juices flowing: 9 Best Company Voicemail Greeting Examples.

Give it a read and see what comes to mind for your own business.

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