Ignite Your Profits Ebook Preview

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Have you ever stopped and realized that your life consisted of going to work, fielding phone calls and meetings, and then going home to eat and sleep before going back and doing it all again?

We all have at some point.

I’ll bet that you then had a dream of a day where you would be able to clock off at the end of the day (or maybe even at lunch!) and know that your business would still be growing. 

You would know that all the effort that you put in would pay off. Leads would be rolling in and handled without you dropping everything to answer the phone.

You would have time to spend with your friends and family without wondering what was going on with your business.

You could even, dare I say it? Take a vacation and truly relax.

You are not alone.

Every business owner has, at some point or another, had those very same thoughts.

And I’m here to tell you that this dream of freedom on your own terms is very real and attainable.

Which is why I wrote an ebook titled Ignite Your Profits: A Minimalist Method to Maximizing Your Profits. It’s the playbook for financial professionals who want to conquer their 6-figure money goals and still have space to live a rock star life.

And because I believe that everyone should have the plan to craft this life, I decided to give it away for free.

The following is an excerpt from the book so that you can see the power that it holds.

If you want to grab your own copy, hit the button at the end of the article to download the whole thing.

Master the PPS Cycle

Now that you know how to repel the wrong clients, let’s talk about attracting the right ones.

There’ll always only be two types of people coming to your virtual door:

People who are not yet ready to become paying clients

People who are ready or near ready to become paying clients

That probably sounds pretty obvious, right?

The dilemma?

You need very different marketing messages for each group.

How do you market to one group without repelling the other? 

And how do you do it without creating extra work for yourself?

The ‘Problem – Promise – Solution’ Cycle


Your messaging needs to focus on taking them from problem to promise.

The reason they’re not ready to pull the trigger is because they’re stuck in the problem and the pains that come with it.

You need to get them to be solution-focused. That starts with highlighting the promise.


Your messaging needs to focus on taking them from promise to solution.

You often hear marketers say, “focus on the pain points!”

That’s true for your prospects who are in a problem frame of mind. It’s a mistake to constantly bring up pain points for people who are near ready to buy.

It’s like opening up the scab of a wound that’s ready to heal.

It is disempowering to them and detrimental to your sales. Stay solution-focused!

How do you know when to transition from problem to promise to solution?

You’ll tailor your marketing messages based on what’s happening in your business in a given moment.

Are you booked? Focus on problem to promise.

Do you have space for more clients? Focus on promise to solution.

Are you prepping a big marketing campaign? Focus on problem to promise.

Nearing the end of a campaign? Focus on promise to solution.

Ignite Your Profits is available to download now for anyone who wants to learn how to build a dangerously effective sales process without giving up your life.

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