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Donna Digital Receptionists Launches Industry-First Blind Recruitment Process

Sausalito, California – January 19, 2021 — Today, Donna Digital Receptionists has launched the first blind recruitment process in the virtual receptionist industry in an effort to promote equality and opportunity in the workplace for everyone, regardless of race, sex, education, or background.

Donna Digital Receptionists ( is a virtual receptionist service that provides companies with a receptionist that isn’t located in-office. With a team of dedicated receptionists that work from home, Donna is able to help businesses expand the hours that customers and potential customers may call, while giving the business owner the peace of mind to clock out at the end of the day without worrying if they are losing business.

Today marks the launch of Donna’s industry-leading blind recruitment process, developed with an aim to level the playing field for all applicants regardless of their background. Historically, many applicants are discriminated against in the virtual receptionist industry for their accents, race, gender identity, or criminal history due to how the industry runs their traditional hiring practices.

“It’s just not right that good jobs are being withheld from great applicants because of something that a recruiter might see on a resume – or lack thereof,” said Donna Digital Receptionists Founder and CEO, Jacob W. Bailey, “at Donna, we have a mission to provide great jobs to incredible people. I don’t care where they came from or what privilege they lacked before today, now everyone has a shot at a good job that will help them create a future for themselves and their families.”

Starting today, applicants seeking a job with Donna Digital Receptionists will fill out an application that has been written to avoid any and all identifying information and has been screened for biased language that may cause certain individuals to steer toward or away from applying for jobs. All application questions focus on asking an applicant about how they would handle a scenario they may face at work rather than their work or educational background. This allows the company to judge candidates based on qualities such as teamwork and creativity, rather than the privilege they may or may not have had growing up.

“I recently sat down and asked myself what kind of legacy I’d like to leave behind, and my answer was that I hope to help other individuals and families reach their financial goals and provide opportunities that they may not have had otherwise. Especially as someone who did grow up with privilege, it’s just the right thing to do.” said Bailey.

About Donna Digital Receptionists

Donna Digital Receptionists is the only live call answering service that helps you convert more leads, take back your time, and never miss another business call for less than one-fifth of the cost of an in-house receptionist. Founded in 2020, Donna is dedicated to helping business owners grow their businesses while giving them back their time, and to providing opportunities for its team that they may not have had otherwise.

Donna Digital Receptionists’ industry-first blind recruitment process launches to the public on January 19, 2021 at

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We are a virtual receptionist company that handles the phones for growing teams so they can get back to doing the work they love. A virtual receptionist is just like a receptionist that sits in your office: they handle inbound calls, screen out telemarketers, schedule appointments, and are the general face of  your company. To a caller, there is no difference between a virtual receptionist and an in-house receptionist.

Donna Digital Receptionists are different in four primary ways:

1) We are the only virtual receptionist service on the market that trains our rockstar receptionist team on the basics of each and every industry that we service so that they can be as helpful as possible for your callers. We have even adopted the SEC and FINRA’s guidance on client and data privacy.

2) We are the only call answering service (that we know of!) that use a subscription pricing model. All other services charge a flat monthly fee plus a per-minute cost and overage fees. This results in actual costs often being 2-3x the sticker price or more. With Donna you can rest assured that your monthly cost will always be the same from one month to the next.

3) Donna provides a premium answering service for clients who care about how their phones are answered. Many services compete on being the lowest cost which leads to a lower-quality receptionist team with high churn. We take care of our staff and provide generous benefits to ensure that we can retain the highest quality team members.

4) We are the only virtual receptionist company that we know of that has implemented a blind recruitment process to ensure fair and equal treatment of applicants – regardless of their backgrounds. We hire for the right people, rather than allow biases to creep in and exclude certain members of the population.

Answering services typically only take and forward messages and often sound impersonal. They leave callers feeling like they are leaving a message with someone who has absolutely no connection to the person they want to speak with. Our virtual receptionists sound as if they are sitting at your front desk, answering calls, managing your calendar, giving pricing information and answering FAQs while also taking messages and screening calls.

Our headquarters are located in Sausalito, CA, but our awesome team of financial virtual receptionists work remotely from across the country. Deploying a remote team across the US allows us to provide virtual receptionist and answering services to financial businesses all year round and increases our resilience against natural disasters or extreme weather which would cause down time at a centralized receptionist business.

Did you know that 80% of callers report that they will hang up rather than getting a voicemail. I have to admit, I’ve personally been that person more than a few times! 

And what happens after that? Most folks today have very little loyalty to specific companies, so like most people, I go on to the next business on the list and the company that picks up the phone will be the one that gets my business.

This is why I decided to start Donna Digital Receptionists!

My wife and I were searching for a good real estate agent to help us in buying our first home and were becoming more and more frustrated that all of the agents that we called either didn’t pick up the phone in the first place, or never returned our call back requests. 

As I thought about it, I couldn’t get away from the simple fact that if SOMEONE just answered the phone when I called, that person would have won my business – even if all they did was take a message and promise to call back later.

In the United States, the median home value is right around $200,000, which means that the average commission for a real estate agent on a single sale is going to be somewhere around $6,000. If an agent made just a single sale each month, representing just one side of the transaction per sale, they would gross around $72,000 per year.

What would it take for an agent to get just one sale each month? Honestly, as long as they are doing even a little good marketing for leads, just picking up the phone every time it rings would produce those kinds of numbers.

From there, I set out to figure out the right solution and we launched in late 2020 during the height of the global pandemic.

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About Donna Digital Receptionists

Donna Digital Receptionists helps you convert more leads, take back your time, and never miss another business call for less than one-fifth of the cost of an in-house receptionist. Founded in 2020, Donna is dedicated to helping business owners grow their businesses while giving them back their time, and to providing opportunities for its team that they may not have had otherwise.

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About Jacob W. Bailey


Jacob W. Bailey is the Founder and CEO of – a company that he is bootstrapping from nothing to help growing teams leverage their most valuable asset: time. His mission is to help teams stop wasting time on the phone and get back to focusing on the work that they started their businesses to do, as well as provide good jobs to great individuals.

Previously, Jacob has worked with companies that range from industry-leading mental health apps ( to publicly traded beauty companies to create millions in added revenue and launch new products into international markets. He has also served as Trustee of Western Washington University, Vice-Consul to the United Kingdom, and as Economic Development Advisor to the City of Sausalito, California.

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