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PLUS Best for businesses that have a higher volume of calls or longer time per call
per month $699.00
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STANDARD Best for the majority of businesses that have an average call volume or shorter call durations
per month $599.00
BASIC Best for solopreneurs or small firms with a low call volume
per month $299.00

Included in All Plans

  • Custom greeting
  • Known callers greeted personally
  • Basic & custom FAQs
  • Online Appointment scheduling
  • Custom and time-of-day greetings
  • Custom after-hours routing
  • Access call, message, and voicemail details anytime
  • Update handling preferences anytime
  • Outbound calls made by Donna on your behalf
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Voicemail box
  • Email and Text updates
  • Local area phone number

Common Questions

How is Donna different from other virtual receptionists?

Donna Digital Receptionists are different in three primary ways:

1) We are the only virtual receptionist service on the market that trains our rockstar receptionist team on the basics of each and every industry that we service so that they can be as helpful as possible for your callers. We have even adopted the SEC and FINRA’s guidance on client and data privacy.

2) We are the only call answering service (that we know of!) that use a subscription pricing model. All other services charge a flat monthly fee plus a per-minute cost and overage fees. This results in actual costs often being 2-3x the sticker price or more. With Donna you can rest assured that your monthly cost will always be the same from one month to the next.

3) Donna provides a premium answering service for clients who care about how their phones are answered. Many services compete on being the lowest cost which leads to a lower-quality receptionist team with high churn. We take care of our staff and provide generous benefits to ensure that we can retain the highest quality team members.

Can Donna make outbound calls for me?

Absolutely. Just let us know who to call, the pertinent details, and the goal of the call and we can take it from there. Plus plans also include Priority Outbound Calls which will be handled first in our queue.

What hours do you cover?

We are fully staffed from 8am – 8pm Central Time, Monday through Friday, 357 days per year – with limited coverage available for the other 8 Federal holidays. If you require extended availability, please drop us a line at

What happens if I get a call after hours?

All calls outside of business hours go to a professional voicemail. Depending on your plan, these voicemails are then automatically transcribed and sent to several people on our team via email for review. If a motivated lead leaves a voicemail telling you they’re ready to buy… we’ll make sure you know about it.

I was doing some research and X competitor is cheaper.

There are absolutely cheaper options on the market. But if you think that you will get premium service while paying bargain prices, you would be mistaken. Donna Digital is designed to be an extension of your team and provide the level of service and support that you would get with a member of your team sitting in your own office. We don’t try to compete on price because we know that budget answering services just don’t provide the same level of service.

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